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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the meat packaged?
    We decided to use a vacuum sealer for all of the fresh cuts of meat and further processed products such as bacon, ham and pepperoni sticks. All items that are boneless will be packaged in a 5 mm bag and everything that is bone in will be packaged in a 5 mm bag with additional bone guard paper to prevent the bones from piercing holes in the bags.
  • How long is the meat dry aged?
    Grass fed beef will be aged between 5-7 days and the grain finished beef will be aged for 10-14 days. Pork is aged between 3-5 days. Goats and lambs are aged between 5-7 days.
  • Why is the aging different between grass finished and grain finished?
    Grass finished beef does not require as long to as as it is typically leaner than grain finished beef and aging for the same time as grain finished beef only reduces the meat to bone yield.
  • How is the meat cut?
    For beef we have 3 prearranged cutting packages for you to choose from. If one of those packages does not work for you there is the option to choose a custom package and we will contact you directly to get the cutting instructions that work for you and your family. We are developing packages for bulk pork orders as well.
  • Can I get soup bones or dog bones with my order.
    Yes you absolutely can, we offer cross cut shanks for soup and smoked dog bones for you pup!
  • How do I place a bulk meat order?
    We work with several local farms for meat processing. If you’d like to place an order please contact us at with our contact page.
  • How do I get my animals scheduled for processing at your facility?
    Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate mobile slaughter truck that we work with for your area
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