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About the McPhees

McPhee’s Butcher Block owners James & Kimberly McPhee started the journey of opening a local butchershop in 2020. When COVID-19 started they came to realize how fragile our food supply is and can easily be halted when the supply chain is interrupted. The McPhee’s also own and operate McPhee Family Farms, a local farm that produces Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Fresh Produce.


Due to the changing environment of our supply system in 2020 many local families decided to take the leap and start to raise their own livestock which would ultimately end up in their freezer for a years supply of meat for their own family. With the significant increase in local livestock the stress on the local butcher shops became very clear. The McPhee’s identified the need for more local butcher shops and began their search. There was a lot of researching, planning, and developing involved for the creation of McPhee's Butcher Block. Finally after 3 years they were able to find a convenient location with a building that would accommodate this type of business. In 2022 things were aligning to make McPhee’s Butcher Block a reality.


James’s great grandfather James Patrick McPhee was a meat cutter in Eastport, Maine. Elanore Roosevelt would travel from Campobello Island, New Brunswick over to Eastport to buy meat from the butcher shop he worked at. His knife and sharpening steel have been passed down to James and you will find them on display as you check out in the retail section of the butchershop. The knife and the steel were the main inspiration for the butcher shops logo. 

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